Sunday, November 16, 2014

We, The People of Singapore

The Singapore March exhibition will be all about the glorious and most entertaining characters that make up Singapore.

The idea for this exhibition struck me when I was getting my handphone repaired by the neighbourhood handphone store. The gentleman in question was, for lack of a better word, a perfect Ah Beng. 

His clothes, his hair, his mannerisms, as well as that cocky, streetwise demeanour all exemplified a true Singaporean Ah Beng. How many more of these perfect character stereotypes exist, and are present around us now?
One of the many iconic Ah Bengs portrayed in Sui Yue: The Days, a local film directed by Boi Kwong.
Singapore's visual identity is still in a nascent stage. Our country is still very young and the visual repertoire of images that define us are extremely diverse and very complex. It is perhaps easier to imagine a Frenchman or a Japanese Salaryman, but Singaporeans are a very varied lot. What happens when we gather an entire army of our own Singaporean characters and put them in one place?

The Kacang Puteh Man, taken by ConnexionSG of Pininterest.

A Mama Shop Owner, Photo by Gary Wang.
PAP candidates Jessica Tan, Mohd Maliki Osman, Raymond Lim, Lim Swee Say and Lee Yi Shyan.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  If the entirety of Singapore's visual identity was to be represented by just fifty people, who would you pick? The Karang Guni man? Or perhaps our politician in white? Maybe we can find space to include our Mama Shop owner or our Summon Aunties!

Tune in here for more updates!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hello World!

This blog is set up to record the progress and happenings of The Singapore March Project!

The Singapore March is a travelling art exhibition that tore its way out of a sterile gallery and will soon jump straight into the heartlands of Singapore! Many devious plans are now being put into place to make this exhibition as fun and engaging to our audiences as we possibly can.

Watch this blog now and then to get first-hand updates on how this baby monster grows.

We are Dan and Iz, the criminal masterminds that will be putting this exhibition together. We will be reporting on the happenings during this 6-month long project, and will be giving you front-row seats to the drama, difficulties and exciting circumstances that will no doubt happen.


Dan loves to draw and makes a living dabbling in the fine arts and commercial illustration scene by day. By night, he heads the art collective known as A Good Citizen 好公民, which covers local socio-political themes in a satirical light.

Izyanti is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer, who was born with the Sun in the constellation of Aries. Her experiences in the field are numerous; designing for a popular music band and curating a local exhibition are some examples of work she has done.